The final show took place for the first time off in the middle of the public of the Diamond Stage. Rot8ion specially developed for XO an unprecedented surround sound soundscape. As many as 15,000 delirious visitors enjoyed a theatrical story full of auditory and visual surprises on the relationship between nature, man and technology. DJ Fedde Le Grand closed the show with a banging set and fireworks show.
Video registration broadcasted by Veronica (Our endshow starting at 37 min.): 
Telegraaf review:
"After Fedde le Grand rugged EDM drop kit including MC and singer burst around the main stage a spectacle loose that should emphasize. Magical, almost spiritual nature of Extrema Dancers, large colored balloons and artistic dolls in the audience, flamethrowers, light effects and fireworks, it's a theatrical moment with surround sound, resulting in the familiar fireworks."
Eindhovens Dagblad review: 
"Video Final Show Extrema: BEST - Extrema Outdoor 2014 attracted over 30,000 visitors. Fedde le Grand closed the dance festival in spectacular manner with the Eindhoven Collider collective."
The Utrechter Fedde le Grand, known in the ancient DansSalon, closed the festival with the final show of the Collider collective. Giant white balloons rolled over the audience. The surround system Rot8ion Collider seemed like you had the heart of a sound explosion. The fireworks behind the main stage ascended made ​​for a nice ending to Extrema Outdoor 2014.
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