About the project

Project: Metropolux
Location: Kennedy Square

This year Kennedy Square is the starting point for Har Hollands and Kees Bos from Eindhoven. They were inspired by the gloomy vista on the dark side of the railway station with the constantly coming and going of trains. Using projections, lighting effects and sounds they show us in a poetic way an illusion that closely intertwines reality. The title of the work is not only a contraction of ‘Metropolis’ and ‘lux’ (light), but also refers to the famous 1927 movie by Fritz Lang: Metropolis. This movie is about a futuristic city and contains some then ultamodern special effects. Metropolis has influenced generations of artists and filmmakers, and still appeals when imagining the urban environment.

The project is supported by Rot8ion.
Rot8ion is a surround sound instrument. The Rot8ion instrument creates spatial surround soundscapes and live surround performances. For Metropolux, Rob van Rooij (Echonaut from the Collider Collective) created a surround soundscape with the Rot8ion instrument.


Fritz Langs’ Metropolis
- the town, the night –
There’s traffic rushing by:

Shadow of time,
Mirror of haste...

Zeit eilt: time flies
Towards the future’s past,
Forgotten light is cast
Upon these concrete clouds.

Make way, make way, make way,
Darkness awaits...

This project was adopted by Panalytical
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