Rot8ion explores the boundaries between nature and technology with the use of contious evolving patterns. Both in nature and in technology patterns are a continuous flowing process. By generating new situations, organic and responsive to the environment.
This translates into:
Organic random patterns that are generated by a machine. Images and sounds are continuously combined in different compositions. Variables in picture and sound that constantly differ from each other.
Perpetual Patterns is a unique combination of:
-Physical installation:
  -8 panels, consisting of laser-cut leaf vein patterns and materials such as nostalgic electronic resistors.
  -An original receiver from a British submarine, equipped with sonar that detects the presence of people.
  -Components of the system communicate with each other using MIDI, DMX, Serial, USB, HDMI, DVI, Analog, XLR and Sonar.
-The sound composition:
  -8.1 surround
  -Sensory instruments such as sonar and echolocation in dolphins and bats
  -Sounds that sound natural but are created synthetically
  -Sounds that synthetic sound, but are natural

-The video installation:
  -Natlab original images from a bygone era
  -Live images generated organically with Quartz Composer
  -Microscopic images
  -Projection mapping

The exhibition Art Installation Perpetual patterns running from Friday, March 25 t / m Monday, April 4th, 2016, in the Expo Hall Natlab in Eindhoven. The exhibition is open during the opening hours of Natlab.
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